Days in Lefka Ori 2


On the map you see two excursions into the moountains.



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Another day I started early in the morning.



It was a magnificent sight to see the sun's first rays strike the peaks while the mist still lay between the mountains to the east.



Approximately 1 km before Nikos' mitato the road splits. The left one leads up towards Pachnes.



After a few kilometres you pass a small plateau with scattered vegetation.



It is the last trees, for aftewards you will only meet a few scattered, windswept cypresses.



From the gnarled, thick trunks you can easily imagine that the bushes must be very old - probably up to 1.000 years.



After the next turning you entre the Valley of Ammoutsara.



The valley is situated at an altitude of 1.800 meters between the mountains Kakovoli (2214 m) to the east and Trocharis (2401 m) to the west.



Very soon you will arrive at a small flat terrain to the left of the road, where you will find a kimité (small shepherds' hut),



as well as some very dark, freestanding rock formations, which at first sight resemble basalt, but as a matter of fact are limestone.



The rest of the dirt road passes through an incredible area that most of all resembles a lunar landscape.





In the rocky terrain it is possible to distinguish the road now and then.



The road ends at Roussies (1990 m).



From here there is a fantastic view to the Pachnes massif (2453 m).



On the hillside to the left of the road you can see the old kalderimi (paved path), which was built to enable the shepherds to reach their animals that grazed up in Madares (areas with sparse and low vegetation) more easily.



You can also see a scrapped car.



From here it is only possible to move on foot.

You can also find flowers,


or sheared wool (it is not rentable to bring it down to the villages).



Enjoy the rest of the hike in the beautiful and rugged landscape, but nonetheless you should also notice the sky, because suddenly the clouds might come pouring in, and then it becomes difficult or even impossible to find your way.




When you are safe down at the road again, you can rejoice to have escaped the heavy clouds, the rain and the storm.



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