The raki distillation outside Alikianos

After my accidental meeting with Christos outside Vrises I was lucky enough to be invited to another distillation some days later outside Alikianos south east of Chania. It turned out that the distillation here was carried out in an even more traditional way. Big old logs of olivewood were still used, and the water vessel, in which the vapour was condensed, was a pithari of the old type.


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Kazani is being filled up The mash is being compressed The lid is put on
and being sealed up with zymi
The first part
of the process is finished


The audience is waiting The fire
A pithari is used as cooling vessel Is the percentage okay?


The distillation is finished The lid has to be removed ... and it is being lifted and the lid is being cleaned


The used mash is removed,
before a new distillation can begin

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